Zhiyu Yang


Zhiyu Yang,born in 1996,Research Assistant

Educational Background

2020/09 -                   Nankai University, College of Chemsitry, Research Assistant, Supervisor: Prof. Dong-Sheng Guo
2017/09 - 2020/06, Nanjing Agricultural University, College of Sciences, Master Degree, Supervisor: A.P. Yubin Ding

2013/09 - 2017/06, Nanjing Agricultural University, College of Sciences, Bachelor Degree, Supervisor: A.P. Jie Zhu

Research Interests

Construction and Application of Supramolecular Array Sensors

1. Zhiyu Yang, Xia Fan, Wenjing Cheng, Yubin Ding* and Weihua Zhang*. AIE Nanoassemblies for Discrimination of Glycosaminoglycans and Heparin Quality Control. Analytical Chemistry, 2019, 91(15), 10295-10301.

2. Zhiyu Yang, Liangfei Fan, Xia Fan, Meiting Hou, Zhiyuan Cao, Yubin Ding* and Weihua Zhang. Porphyrin-GO nanocomposites based NIR fluorescent sensor array for heparin sensing and quality control. Analytical Chemistry202092(9), 6727-6733.

3. Wenjing Cheng, Yiting Xie, Zhiyu Yang, Yueqing Sun, Ming-Zhi Zhang, Yubin Ding* and Weihua Zhang*. General Strategy for in Situ Generation of a Coumarin-Cu(2+) Complex for Fluorescent Water Sensing. Analytical Chemistry2019, 91(9), 5817-5823.

4. Zhiyuan Cao, Xia Fan, Zhiyu Yang, Xuebin Zhang, Ningxujin Ding, Yubin Ding* and Weihua Zhang. Solvent directed discrimination of metal ions using a coumarin-pyridine fluorescence receptor. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical2020, 310, 127855.

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