Hong Zhao


Hong Zhao,born in 1995,Master Candidate

Educational Background:

2017/09 -                   Nankai University,  College of Chemsitry, Master Candidate, Supervisor: Prof. Dong-Sheng Guo

2013/09 - 2017/07     North University of China, College of Science, Supervisor: A.P. Hai-Kuan Yang

Reseach Interests:

Inhibittion of  amyloid fibrils

Published Work:

1. How do molecular structures affect gelation properties of supramolecular gels? Insights from low-molecular-weight gelators with different aromatic cores and alkyl chain lengths, Hai-Kuan Yang, Hong Zhao, Pei-Ran Yang and Chao-Hai Huang, Colloids Sur. A, 2017, 535, 242-250.

2. A survey of the influence of EEDQ on efficient post-functionalization of an Anderson-type polyoxomolybdate towards construction of organic-inorganic hybrids, Hai-Kuan Yang, Hong Zhao, Xiao-Min Wang and Yan-Kun Li, Colloids Surf. A, 2018, 538, 711-719.

3. A novel hydrogelator based on dimeric-dehydrocholic acid derivativeHai-Kuan Yang,Pei Qi and Hong Zhao. Colloid Polym. Sci., 2018, 296,1071-1078.

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